Moss Vale NSW

auCD was pleased to invite Moss Vale and surrounding localities to a free information workshop on developing a community website using a Community Geographic Domain Name (CGDN).  The workshop was held on the 19th March, 2008 at the Wingacarribbee Council Civic Centre Theatrette in Moss Vale.

Representatives from many of the surrounding localities attended, including Bong Bong, Berrima, Bundanoon, Mittagong and Mirri Mirri.  The attendees were able to learn how establishing a collaborative community home on the net using their CGDN could help boost local sustainability as well as internal communication between residents, businesses and visitors. 


                        Robertson launch          


With the launch of on the night the attendees also had the added benefit of being the first to see the Robertson community website at its new address, as well as hearing from Rona Goold of the Robertson Village Network Inc about how their locality has developed its website and why they applied for their CGDN.  See more about the Robertson launch here. is the first CGDN website to go live in the area but with so many other interested communities near by it looks set to be joined in the near future.