Seaspray (VIC)

Air shot of Seaspray"The sooner they start the sooner their community will benefit from the platform they create" – that's the message from representative David Nolan.

It's a pertinent message to those contemplating a community website on the Community Geographic Domain Name (CGDN) platform. 

"The website provides a platform for timely distribution of information within the community, and for enabling feedback and interaction between community members" continued Nolan.

As for each of the other live CGDN sites, had its own set of challenges.  After becoming aware of the CGDNs, Nolan and other community members quickly realised that  "it appeared to be a more relevant domain for a community organisation to operate under (compared with .org, .net or .com)"

"Seaspray are another example of a small Australian community realising the local nature of this initiative and acting swiftly to ensure the most immediate benefit for the community" commented Leonie Parkinson, General Manager of CGDNs.

To find out more about Seaspray's community interaction, take a look at their website at