What is a Community Geographic Domain Name (CGDN)?

An easy-to-remember intuitive locality based website address which includes the locality name and the state, for example:  www.koonwarra.vic.au or www.kenilworth.qld.au.  It provides an easy way for your community to be found on the internet

What does a CGDN licence cost?

A two year licence fee will cost between $45 and $79 (inc GST) depending on which registrar you choose.  For more details see How to Register a CGDN.

What can the CGDN licence be used for?

The licence is solely for the purpose of operating a community website developed for the benefit of the entire local community.  See Policy 3b.

How long is the CGDN licence for?

The licence period is 2 years.  See Policy 3a.

What are the benefits of a CGDN?

  • It is the easiest way for your community to be found on the internet through the website address itself.
  • Allows organisations who can't afford their own website a web presence.
  • A CGDN community website is one that truly represents your community.
  • Provides a communication tool to help strengthen your community business and tourism get a boost and most sites become the online version of the community noticeboard.
  • Provides a "community of communities" that can share experiences and the ability to communicate with each other.

Who can apply for a CGDN?

Any community group which is a not-for-profit legal entity or a special committee of local council and broadly representative of the local community. See Policy 2a.

Can a community group apply for more than one CGDN licence?

The community group must meet the eligibility criteria for each domain name.  However, the fee applies for each domain name licence registered.  See Policy 2c.

How can I encourage/promote the CGDN initiative to my community?

There are a variety of ideas, templates and presentations in the "Consulting the Community Section" of the "How to Kit" on the CGDN website that you can utilise to help promote to and engage your community.

What type of community support evidence is required?

The type of evidence required will depend on the size and nature of the community.  (however, a letter from you council supporting your organisation as representative of the community to manage the CGDN website would be sufficient). See Policy 2a Guideline2a)ii

Why is it important to register interest in a locality name?

Registering your interest in a locality name means you will be advised if any other groups apply for that name.  If you are thinking of applying for a particular geographic domain name please complete the Register Interest form.

What is Community Site in a Box?

Community Site in a Box is an optional cost effective, self-managed community website template.  It was developed for communities who do not have the technical skills to build their own website.  For more information see Community Site in a Box.

What does the Community Site in a Box cost?

The Community Site in a Box annual fee is $99 inc GST.  This fee includes hosting and support/help.

* Please see Community Site in a Box for more information

What does the Community Site in a Box provide?

Site in a Box provides:

  • Selection of templates that the user can edit to change background images, fonts and colours - as well as the ability to create your own styles
  • Content management system to add, edit or delete sections, pages, text, documents and images
  • Functions such as news, events, directories, contact us, search and site map
  • Custom roles - the ability to create different roles for any level of permission access
  • Allowance for sponsor ads and related website traffic statistics
  • RSS Feed Widget - that enables RSS feeds from other sources streaming live data to your site
  • Gallery Widget - allowing the upload of a file of images that will be displayed in a gallery style on your site
  • The ability for the community to submit their news, events, directory listings via the community website
  • The ability to issue unlimited individual geographic email addresses to your community - accessed via the community website portal which can encourage more visits to your website, eg. johnsmith@ourtown.ourstate.au, footballclub@ourtown.ourstate.au, plumber@ourtown.ourstate.au
  • Statistics on web traffic
  • Includes web hosting and  Help/Support
  • Mobile phone compatibility - detects if the browser is viewing via a mobile device and displays for easier viewing

How do I know my application has been received?

Confirmation that the application has been received will be sent via email within 48 hours.

What happens when the CGDN licence expires?

The licence will be renewed provided the registrant still meets the eligibility criteria and is using the domain name to operate a community website. See Policy 3e.