Angaston launches site at auCD seminar


During auCD’s recent visit to South Australia to conduct information seminars, General Manager Leonie Dunbar and Marketing Co-ordinator Smitha Iyer visited the beautiful town of Angaston where the community launched its own website.

Leonie and Smitha commented on the beauty and rich history of the town with lush, green landscapes, famous Barossa Valley wineries and historic buildings dating back to the mid 1800’s.

The Angaston Management Group who built the community website have said, “We are incredibly proud of our lovely village…vibrant, friendly, prosperous, historic, rich in food and wine, a tourist Mecca nestled in the Barossa Ranges.”

The Angaston Management Group hopes the new community website will help promote local businesses and attract more people to the area.

Winery in Angaston

For more information on the Angaston community, visit

.au Community Domains, ACN 118 505 196, Phone: (03) 9863 8577,