Burrum River sees new website as a voice for the community


Howard and Burrum River are the latest communities to go live with both CGDN’s resolving to the one website.

 www.burrumriver.qld.au and www.howard.qld.au 

Both  Howard and its smaller sibling, Burrum Town, sit astride the upper reaches of the Burrum River some 284km north from Brisbane. Today Howard is a small, quiet, somewhat sleepy little town acting as the Northern access point to the greater Fraser Coast tourist areas centred on Hervey Bay and Fraser Island.

The new website is being developed and fully funded by volunteers from the Friends of the Burrum River System Group Inc. According to Website developer John Mitchell, “ The website is seen as a way of providing all members of the community with a voice, while at the same time keeping everybody informed as to what is happening now, or proposed for the future.

“It will also allow local businesses, service and volunteer organisations a way to promote their interests, activities and businesses in an easy to access online environment. We envisage that eventually the website will bring all community members closer together when it becomes apparent we are all, in essence, seeking a common if somewhat broad goal, looking after not only our lifestyle but the environment as well."

Burrum River 

For more information on Howard and Burrum River visit: www.burrumriver.qld.au or www.howard.qld.au

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