Gheerulla Website Finds Missing Link in Family Tree


A Darwin man finds the missing link in his family tree.

The Gheerulla community website at has helped a Darwin man find the missing link in his family tree.

By viewing the comprehensive Cemetery section of the website, the Darwin man was able to trace his family back to early settlement in the Kenilworth, Queensland district.

According to Lenore Meldrum of the Gheerulla Hall Committee, this person discovered that when his family settled in the region, they had mysteriously changed their name, “There are a number of local myths as to the reason for this name change, one being that the settler himself knew/rode with the Kelly Gang. Whatever the reason this family had cut themselves off from relatives in distant places.”

Lenore and those involved at the Gheerulla community website have worked tirelessly to provide a comprehensive Cemetery section on the website which includes photos of all headstones as well as a database with family history on as many of those buried as can be traced. These records have proved helpful to genealogists.According to Lenore, “As those involved in genealogy are aware it is the patient but continuous search that often turns up those ‘lost branches’ from the family tree. The Gheerulla Hall Committee is delighted that our community website could provide the link for this family history search.”