Marysville community website proves to be an important tool in the rebuilding process


The Marysville community website is averaging over 500 visits a week

Since the devastating Black Saturday bushfires, the Marysville community website has been providing vital information and a means to connect a widely dispersed community.

According to Marysville community member and website coordinator Vicki Moritz, “The website grew out of the need for a one-stop place for information for a widely dispersed community.

“Following the fires, community members Dr. Lachlan Fraser and John Wilson began making a list of Marysville residents and what had happened to them. In conversation with Lachlan he suggested we would need to put together a website to make the list accessible and to post general information.”

The site has since grown to include information about the people of Marysville, local news, events, assistance information, town history, information on the rebuilding activities and links to other important websites. also includes a link to the Marysville blog which community members have used to communicate with one another through the rebuilding process and links to other photo sharing sites including images before and after the bushfires in Marysville.

The Marysville community website is averaging over 500 visits a week, which shows how well the site is being utilised by the local community.

“The site has changed as needs have changed. The feedback I get is that it still is serving the purpose it was set up for - a communication tool for a community spread all over the world following the fires. I hope in time it can become an ongoing community resource as a portal to reflect what is happening in town.” said Vicki.

The Marysville community website is one of the 27 provided by auCD in response to the Black Saturday bushfires by quickly providing community websites for the Victorian bushfire affected localities including, and

auCD is humbled by the contact they have received from members of the bushfire affected communities and abroad. The sites have provided these communities a portal to reunite friends, to provide information about donated items, local news and events and give community members links to other important websites.

For links to all of the 27 community websites go to: