Murray River town Tocumwal sees new site as integral to keeping the community informed


TOCUMWAL in New South Wales is the latest town to launch a community website. The small community located on the banks of the Murray River with less than 2000 residents is popular for tourists who venture to the Murray to enjoy water-sport activities.

The Chamber of Commerce and Tourism will be managing the website on behalf of the community and hope to provide a platform for local businesses in the area as well as special interest groups, clubs and organisations.

According to website coordinator Terry O’Connor, “Local businesses and organisations will now have a way to promote their interests and activities online and generate additional traffic to their own websites through our links. The Chamber of Commerce and Tourism will use the new site to publicise upcoming town events, contact information for emergency services, places of worship and times, downloadable town-map and to provide access to meeting minutes. We envision the website will become an integral part of informing the community about local events and newsworthy matters.”


For more information on the Tocumwal community in New South Wales, visit:


.au Community Domains, (03) 9863 8577,, ACN 118 505 196