Funding website managers

Some of the CGDN communities have found that through funding and revenue raising efforts that they can afford to employ a website manager.

The Broome community website has provided an employment opportunity for a young man with a disability, which has enabled him to pursue his chosen career path in IT.

In September 2011, Broome Community Resource Centre applied for funding through the Shire of Broome Community Sponsorship Program to fund the 'e-Community Broome' project using the CGDN  They wanted the website to be inclusive and offer not-for-profit organisations that do not have the funds or technical know-how to develop an online presence. Employing a local person with a disability has further promoted the project's inclusiveness. 

Jesse Derne has been employed to work on the site 8 hours a week since November 2011. Local organisation KIFSA has contributed to the financial costs of employing a support officer for Jesse.

Pam Farrell, Manager of Broome Community Resource Centre, says "Between them [Jesse and the support officer] and myself, the site is being updated on a regular basis and it does seem to be paying off." 

In the statistics for one month prior to 21 February 2013, the website had a total of 12,907 visits.  This is a good proportion of the total Broome population of approximately 16,300 people, indicating strong community interest in the website, particularly the events pages.

After only a couple of months of going live, they were able to financially afford a web manager.
After being live for just over a year, Mansfield employed a dedicated person in their organisation to update their CGDN website.