Creating email addresses


Did you know that you can issue your community with their very own geographic email account that reflects where they live or work? This is a potentially very powerful tool for your community and is made so easy in CSIAB there is no reason not to make the most of this function.

Reasons to encourage your community to have a geographic email account:

  • more meaningful and memorable email address rather than hotmail, bigpond or gmail for individuals, businesses and community organisations
  • great marketing tool for your locality and its website (every time an email is sent from a geographic email your website and locality is being promoted)
  • easy to set up email accounts
  • gain income to support the sustainability of the website
  • retain the email address when an individual moves on from, for eg.  when a secretary or president of a club leaves, the email address can stay the same

If all this isn’t enough and you have problems persuading your community to sign up for an account (maybe they already have an email address and don’t want to change it) then don’t worry – aliases are even easier to create than normal accounts!

This enables, for example, to directly go to the mail box of or or etc

For step by step instructions on creating email accounts and aliases see Chapter 8 in the CSIAB Instruction Manual.

Alternatively if you would need further help please call us on 1300 732 929 or email