Community Bank involvement

The Bendigo Community Bank Branch is a franchise where the community owns operation rights. The Community Bank branches provide communities with an opportunity to enhance control over their community’s capital ensuring more money stays in the district for local investment. Many CGDN holders have used their community website as a place to drive for a community bank in their community.

The development of the Newstead community website was funded by the Maldon and District Community Bank Branch of the Bendigo Bank and the Mount Alexander Shire Council's Community Grants Program., and are some of the communities who have used their websites to drive the process and seek pledges of support for establishing their own Bendigo Community Bank Branch.


The Buderim community website group say the response has been nothing short of awesome with a huge pledge rate being strongly endorsed by local community leaders.

In 2012, The Charlton & District Community Bank Annual Grants Program provided over $160,285 to community projects in Charlton & District communities, enabling their great ideas to be put into action.

The Bendigo Bank has supported many community websites with funding, including and