Internet access

The Newstead CGDN website team has organised free local wireless access for their town.

Dave Hall and Ron Snep applied to their council in Mount Alexander Shire for a grant to start up the free wireless project.  The successful grant enabled them to set up three wireless transmitters.  ISP Internode is providing free Internet services for the network.

"Dave and I climbed up on the roofs of the community centre and a local business to fix antennae to transmit and receive the Internet to a range of around 100 metres radius," says Ron Snep.

Network Newstead, the community-run free wireless network, covers a large part of central Newstead. Sessions are limited to 30 minutes, but users are free to reconnect immediately.  The Newstead community website is the first page that automatically comes up when logging in.

A representative of every community group or business entity listed on the Newstead website has password access to their entry. The site is kept up-to-date by all these volunteers.  "It helps to make them feel more ownership and involvement in local affairs," says Ron Snep.