Karumba (QLD)


Type of Location:      Located on the banks of the Norman River in the centre of the Gulf of Savannah, Karumba is a small community in northern Queensland boasting a large fishing industry.  The land is alive with birdlife and it is common to see flocks of cranes and brolgas feeding throughout the region.

Population:      518 residents (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006 Census)     

Major Industries:      
Karumba is widely known as a fishing town, earning over $130 million each year in barramundi and prawn sales.
Zinc is another prime industry in Karumba, the Zinifex Century Mine started exporting zinc concentrate through the port in December 1999.

Applicant Organisation:     Karumba Progress Association

Synopsis:  The Karumba Progress Association applied for the use of the Karumba Community Geographic Domain Name (CGDN) with the intention of promoting Karumba to local residents, new residents, and people visiting the area.

The site was officially launched in October 2008 and has since proved to be a valuable tool to the community. www.karumba.qld.au includes a business and community directory, local news, events calendar, history and extensive photograph collection. Website coordinators frequently up-load news and photos to the website to keep it up-to-date.   

What they say:  According to Yvonne Tunney of the Karumba Progress Association: "At the moment we are getting anywhere from 20 to 50 visits daily with the number of visits trending steadily upwards."

"The pages that are most visited on the site are those with information about the region and also the photo pages we update often."

"A great benefit of our website is that it is very accessible to everyone. A number of local elderly have noted they really enjoy the changes to information and photos showing the site is being utilised by people of all ages," said Ms. Tunney.