Kenilworth (QLD)


Type of Location: Regional town – 130 k from Brisbane, > 1hr drive from coastal tourist towns Noosa & Coolum Beach

Population: 238 (2006 Census)

Major Industries: In the surrounding area these include; avocado, sugar cane, tropical/exotic fruits, gold and timber. Tourism, arts and crafts are major industries in the township with local business servicing locals and visitors.

Applicant Organisation: Kenilworth Arts Council Inc.

Synopsis: Kenilworth is a great example of a local community that put existing resources and expertise into the CGDN initiative. Reasoning that the existing community web could only benefit from the associated publicity, networking and geographically identifiable nature of a CGDN, Kenilworth was quick off the mark in applying on the first day applications opened.

What they say:

"We already had a web site with business and community involvement. It was generally agreed that using the geographical domain name was a good idea."

"Many local projects have web sites with a link to the Kenilworth site. For example, the Kenilworth Artists’ Showcase will be a feature on the Kenilworth Arts Council website but will be better exposed because of the link from the Community Website to the Arts Council website."

Dennis James, Webmaster for the Kenilworth Community Website