Schedule A - Policy 1. CGDNs available for registration

Registrants may only license a domain name that is an addressable locality within an Australian state or territory, as defined by the Committee for Geographical Names of Australasia (CGNA).

Guideline 1:

Addressable localities are places or locations where populations reside as defined by the Committee for Geographical Names of Australasia (CGNA), which is the authority for geographic naming in Australia. In general, addressable localities are towns, cities and suburbs.
Where a suburb, locality, town or city name is duplicated within the same state or territory, the name will be hyphenated with the name of the Local Government Area, town or city to which an association is deemed. An example is the locality of Red Hill in Queensland, and the suburb of Red Hill in Brisbane; the domain name for the town of Red Hill would be, the domain name for the suburb of Red Hill would be The CGNA would determine the appropriate hyphenated name for any duplicate names within the state/territory 2LD.

Any disputes regarding the names of addressable localities would be referred to the CGNA for consideration by the appropriate state/territory Geographic Names Board.

Geographic names that are non-addressable localities and/or are regarded as names of cultural significance (such as the Murray River, the Great Barrier Reef and capital city names) will not be included in the initial release of CGDNs. auDA will consider the allocation and use of non-addressable locality names and names of cultural significance at an appropriate time in consultation with the CGNA and other relevant stakeholders.


Policy 2. Eligibility criteria for CGDNs

Policy 3. CGDN licence conditions